Haworth Haddock

Travelling on the Keighley &Worth Valley Railway’s Saturday evening Fish and Chip special, the ‘Haworth Haddock’, has always been a great night out for passengers.

Now they can make a full day out of it because the five-mile, West Yorkshire-based heritage railway is including a full-day Rover ticket as part of the package for ‘Haworth Haddock’ customers.

This will enable passengers to spend the day riding on trains pulled by historic steam locomotives and exploring all the railway’s attractions such as museums, behind-the-scenes tours, gift shops and the classic town and country scenery of the Worth Valley before boarding the ‘Haworth Haddock’ in the evening.

Run-on specific Saturday evenings throughout the year, the ‘Haddock’ is one of the Keighley &Worth Valley Railway’s best-loved visitor offerings. It provides passengers with two trips up and down the Victorian branch line on a train hauled by a classic steam locomotive and features generous portions of locally cooked Fish and Chips.

Passengers can put the finishing touches to their fun evening by dancing the night away on platform four at Keighley Station before being transported back up the Worth Valley to Oxenhope. Live bands provide the dance music and this year’s line up includes ‘Wired’ , ‘Night Patrol’ and ‘The Pretend Beatles’

As a bonus, passengers for the ‘Haworth Haddock’ will now be able to enjoy a ‘pre-dinner drinks’ service at the newly introduced bar service at Oxenhope Station’s before boarding the train.

Noel Hartley, the Railway’s Operating Manager, said: “The Haworth Haddock is one of the most popular special trains we offer each year and already the June ‘Haddock’ has only a handful of seats remaining while the next one on Saturday 2nd July is being heavily booked.”

‘Haworth Haddock’ trains will be running on and Saturday 18th June, Saturday 2nd July and Saturday 16th July. And the Keighley &Worth Valley Railway is already planning to run more ‘Haworth Haddock’ services later in the year.

Full details about ‘Haworth Haddock’ services and fares can be found by going to the ‘Events’ section on the railway’s website: www.kwvr.co.uk.