Kala Sangam marks Ramadan with an Open Arts Iftar

Kala Sangam will be marking Ramadan on Thursday 14 April with an Open Arts Iftar and are inviting everyone, whether they are fasting or not, to join them.

Beginning with a performance of Nasheeds by rising star Ismail Hussain, the Iftar (the meal where Muslims break their daily fast during Ramadan) will be a chance for people to come together as a community and share the Ramadan experience. Following the call to prayer at around 8.15pm, a meal will be shared by everyone.  Kala Sangam are encouraging non-Muslims to join the event and even fast for the day if they are able. There will be an Imam to lead the prayers and to answer any questions people have about Ramadan or other aspects of Islam.

The Arts Iftar is just part of Kala Sangam’s commitment to celebrating and supporting the unique mix of communities and cultures within Bradford, with Qawaalis and shows like Asif Khan’s Jabala and the Jinn featuring alongside classical Indian dance, a regular poetry and spoken word night and an annual festival of Break Dancing.

A third  of Kala Sangam staff are Muslim and the rest will be joining them to fast on Thursday. Facilities Manager Mohammed Iftikar said, ‘It is brilliant that the rest of the team will be fasting with us. I have worked for Kala Sangam for over 14 years and this is the first time everyone has come together to celebrate Ramadan, which means a lot to me personally and is a sign of the journey Kala Sangam has been on to be an open and inclusive space.

Alex Croft, Creative Director of Kala Sangam said, ‘We are proud to be hosting an Iftar and welcoming everyone to Kala Sangam to mark Ramadan. Whether you fast every year or would just like to understand more about what the festival means and involves, this will be an open and friendly space. We believe that events like this Iftar will help to build bonds and understanding between different communities in the Bradford. Just as festivals and traditions like Christmas or Bonfire Night are shared by people from all backgrounds, we would like to encourage non-Muslims to learn more about Ramadan and share the experience with their friends, neighbours and colleagues

Like all events at Kala Sangam, the Iftar will be Pay What You Decide, meaning you can book a place in advance, but you do not have to pay anything until the end of the night. All money raised will be donated to charity.

There will be prayer areas available. Kala Sangam has a limited number of prayer mats, so please bring your own if possible. Book a place at www.kalasangam.org