Arts Centre Launches 6FT Glass Artwork Inspired By Viaduct

South Square Centre has commissioned a new artwork for their community garden. The super-long window was created by artist Ellie Mone who began making stained glass during lockdown 2020.

The 6ft piece features the 20 arches of Thornton’s most famous piece of architecture, Thornton viaduct and is entirely made of sheet glass. Thornton Viaduct is 300 yards long and closed to passenger trains in 1955. Ellie’s artwork will be installed in South Square’s Garden facing the viaduct and unveiled as part of the Thornton Winter Festival.

Ellie created the artwork after a community workshop held at South Square Centre in the summer. “I’d never attempted to create a piece of artwork which was so long!” said Ellie Mone, the artist, based in Newcastle.

“It was very challenging, but I wanted to make the viaduct in its entirety. The artwork is created in every colour of the rainbow. I hope it’ll look beautiful when it’s lit up”

The Thornton Winter Festival launches on Sunday 28 November 2021 to celebrate the coming of the winter season. The event sees three community organisations collaborating; Sapgate Gardens Association, Thornton Community Centre and South Square Centre will all be running activities on the evening.

South Square will be launching the 3rd edition of their Winter Windows project which been a hit since it was developed in 2019. “We didn’t think it would take off in the way it has. However due to the pandemic, last year was popular because it one of the only events which could take place at that time.” Programme Manager Alice Withers explains

“The idea is really simple, decorate and light up your window and we’ll pop it on the map. We think it brings so much joy to the village. The good thing is everyone can be involved. It doesn’t matter if you don’t celebrate Christmas or if you’re not crafty. It’s just about lighting up the village!”

South Square encourages local businesses to get involved too. “It’s a great way to promote local businesses in the area and encourage people to shop independent this Christmas”

“If you’re not so crafty then we also have a DIY craft kit in which you can make a ‘stained glass’ viaduct image inspired by Ellie’s artwork. They’ll be a limited run of 200 kits. This year, we’ll also be doing a design based on Chellow Dean reservoir”

There’s still time to be involved in Thornton Winter Windows. You can decorate a winter window and get in touch to be added to the map. Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more.

Thornton Winter Festival is on Saturday 28th November 2-7pm with a celebration, performances by Thornton Community Choir, refreshments, and activities.

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