Summer Unlocked

The Chalk Dance

Looking for something different to do with the family this summer holiday? Try pavement drawing with Street artists UrbanCanvas. Everyone is welcome, no experience necessary – just some comfy clothes and be willing to have a good time.


Illuminos – Matt and Rob Vale


There is a real joy in seeing a film, picture or text transformed into newsworthy footage, and then to see that beam out from the delightful and quirky Mini car as it trundles in to the street, the voiceover announcing the real news from Bradford.

Nehi Subah

Keighley Association for Women and Children’s Centre

A mural design and making project in collaboration with a female artist to create a wall mural that will tell a story about minority ethnic women in our community in Keighley. The project will be female led where we will co-design a mural through artist facilitated workshops outside at the community centre. Each workshop will gather the voices, experiences and stories of our wonderful community of diverse women from a range of backgrounds and countries of origin. Through the series of workshops, each participant will learn how to create design elements for the mural and work with the artist to create the final mural artwork

Workshops will run between June – September 2021, the location will be the Keighley Association for Women and Children Centre (KAWACC) – outdoor and indoor spaces as weather permits.

The Domino Effect

Emma Hardaker

Large scale interactive installation based on the well known game of Domino’s, that will tour across multiple outdoor locations in Bradford over the summer. This interactive installation will be constantly evolving and changing as people play and interact with the work, creating different patterns and colour combinations, and allowing individual personalities and stories to come through.

United Nations Board Of Significant Inspiration (GeMinor)

Bureau Of Silly Ideas

The project involves a large scale, interactive, marble ball rolling kinetic sculpture. Audiences supercharge their marble with MUSE by taking it on a journey. Through this journey audiences, via the medium of STEAM themed play, are drawn into the multi- layered superfiction. Running alongside the live installation are a series of online marble run building workshops, which can take place in advance and/or run concurrently, as part of a hyper local community engagement plan.

Anyone can take part.

Anyone can make a marble run.

Anyone can be inspired.

The Wagon of Dreams

Jellyfish Theatre

The “Wagon of Dreams” is an outdoor family theatre show for children aged 3+ . The “Wagon” is a specially converted vintage caravan, and is the travelling, revolving set for the show. Socially distanced audiences in surprising outdoor locations.

The story: Two brothers live happily in the wagon, with their hilarious, quirky pets. Free as birds, they travel around making friends in all the new places they visit. Then one day, they realise that something is missing from their lives, and set out on a hilarious quest to catch a dream.

The Little Community Gallery

Lister Community Action Group July – September – BD8 & BD9

We will unlock the summer in the Lister Community Action Group (LCAG) area of Manningham and Heaton by creating The Little Community Gallery (LCG) with fortnightly revolving exhibitions over the Summer Unlocked months.

Local people will respond to crowdsourced themes over the weeks July- September. People will be invited to respond creatively in any way they choose- poetry, painting, photography, drawing, sculpture etc. Each of the 6 fortnightly exhibitions will be opened by a local dignitary- the corner shop owner, the manager of the ladies gym, actors from Mind the Gap, the priests and Imams etc, in a ceremony with refreshments.

The project was inspired by Gobbledegook Theatre’s Gallery sited in Director Lorna Rees’ garden, Christchurch, Dorset since summer 2020. Rees is very supportive of the LCG and there have been conversations about how we could collaborate over the duration of the project i.e. hosting each other’s exhibitions, gallery twinning, responding to each other’s gallery themes etc.

Knitting A Relationship –

Pink and gray (Sylvia Causer and Andrea Freeman)

Guerrilla, ‘pop-up’ performances in major sites around Bradford during July to September.

We sit, we knit, we chat, and we invite audience members to start knitting, adding to our piece. We will show them how to knit a simple stitch. The act of knitting with an audience is a collaborative act and while we knit, we make new friends, we learn about the lives of others, and they learn about us. Through the process of adding stitches, we make human connections which adds to the richness of life. Knitting is the perfect activity to facilitate exchange of knowledge, offer kindness and have fun with people from all sectors of society. Visually, we are striking, our knitted piece is unique, it invites people to be inquisitive and ask questions.

Musical Calligraphy Guerillas of Bradford

Razwan Ul-Haq and Dipak Mistry

The musician will be playing classical South Asian ghazals, qawwali and instrumental music (tabla, sitar and contemporary) tunes whist the artist is creating therapeutic calming Arabic script calligraphies. The calligraphies will be in Urdu, Farsi and Arabic that make use of inclusive words and poetry.

Cliffe Castle , Keighley • Lund Park , Keighley • City Park, Bradford • Great Horton Park/Canterbury Estate , BD5 • Bradford Interchange • Bradford University Campus • Bowling Park, Bradford.

Breakin For Love

Tech Styles International

Lively, fun and captivating Breakin pop-up performances and workshops. The nature of this activity is to provide an experience which completely contrasts the difficulties faced by many over the last year; ‘Breakin For Love’ will be engaging, playful and light.

Parkside Park West Bowling – Friday 16th July & Saturday 17th July
Roberts Park – Friday 23rd July & Saturday 24th July
Lister Park – Monday 26th July & Tuesday 27th July
Bradford City Centre – Monday 2nd August & Tuesday 3rd August.

Front Room Poetry ‘Ont’ Road’

A series of Front Room Poetry events in various locations around the city. Imagine vintage sofas, electric firesides, Persian rugs and freestanding lamps. An outdoor sitting room with fairy lights, blankets and cuppas to boot in the very heart of the community. Front Room Poetry is all about sharing words, listening, and understanding each other a bit more.

Local champions will be Front Room Poetry regulars with strong connections to their community. Support acts will be local big names alongside nationally recognised headline poets.

We encourage family, friends and the community to come down and listen, while encouraging intrigued locals to see what’s going down in their community living room.

Three events, midweek, between July-September. 


Things That Go On Things

COMPACT DISCO is a travelling light and sound installation that brings the joy of the party to your doorstep – a discotheque with personalised playlists, shout outs recorded by the audience and dancers. COMPACT DISCO will bring lighthearted fun to the streets with an oversized dynamic disco ball created from discarded CDs carried on the back of a specially designed vehicle complete with disco lights projecting from all angles. The disco will be powered by a contained sustainable energy source.

The United Art Project – Holmewood

Offering the members of this community a contained creative space for family, and/or independent creation and exploration. The ‘Paint day in a Takeaway’ packs will be offered to those isolating, and /or home bound for what ever personal reasons; and to families who just want to invite their grandma and granddad, or auntie and uncle round and experience the joy of art together in their own back garden.

Take The MIC

Mary Magdalene Church, Manningham – Hassan Ditta

Open air rap battle in Manningham – Take the Mic. To inspire new lyrics and practice and generally create a positive vibe and inspiration for Manningham. Dates to be confirmed – July / August.

Keep checking back as events are added to the calendar. 

Summer Unlocked Brought to you by : Bradford Council, Bradford 2025 and The Leap a local, safe and playful programme of arts and culture activity aimed at creating moments of surprise, celebration and reflection.