Bradford’s Lockdown Discoveries

If lockdown has been good for one thing it is allowing us to explore and discover some of the wonderful things we have right on our doorstep. Many of us have been able to embrace and connect with our surroundings, uncovering places we didn’t know about or enjoying more quality time in those places we did. Throughout the third lockdown we are encouraging the people of Bradford to share your lockdown discoveries by sending us photos of those special places and hidden gems. And we will be sharing those images right here.

Bradford Cathedral, Bradford
Lee Edwards

The Wool Exchange, Bradford
Catherine Symes

Myrtle Park Bandstand, Bingley

Rombalds Moor, Bingley
Richard Kunz


During lockdown I have felt an increase need to be out in the beautiful countryside around us and I have found the perfect escapism in Rombalds Moor, where I can be at peace in the fresh air with the feeling of beauty and space around me. 

Nikie Arthurs

As a keyworker and a secondary school science teacher I have had the privilege of supporting Bradford pupils through their difficult journey of online learning. In 20 years I have never had to put so many work hours in but it makes my lockdown walks even more special. This photo was taken a short walk from my home in Silsden. 

Chellow Dean Reservoir, Upper Heaton
Jessica King

This photo was taken at Chellow Dean Reservoir. Chellow Dean is a 5 minute walk from my house, a hidden gem sandwiched between Heaton, Allerton and Sandy Lane. I walk my dogs here regularly and get a sense of peace when walking through the woodland area. 

Top Withens, Haworth
Lee Edwards

As remote and stunning as you can get and still in Bradford! Views as far as the eye can see. Immerse myself in the wildness of the moors.  

Salts Mill, Saltaire
Anna Dyson-Clarke

Saltaire, due to its history, is a unique and interesting place. Salt’s Mill is one of the lucky survivors of a typical Yorkshire mill, built in beautiful sand stone with many decorative, architectural features. It is always a pleasure to visit this place and browse through the many artifacts for sale and look at exhibitions. During lockdown I often walked or cycled  along the canal, sometimes for many miles.

Old Spring Wood, Northcliffe, Shipley
Christine Edmonds

The photo was taken on my back doorstep, looking across to Old Spring Wood, Northcliffe. It’s fantastic to have this ancient woodland, which forms part of Northcliffe Park, on my doorstep, and I go there most days with my dog. I love how it changes through the seasons, from the first fuzzy leaf outlines, to full greenery, autumn colours, and now in winter, the bare tree outlines letting more light through. We’re so lucky in Bradford, to have so many beautiful green spaces within walking distance – I’m appreciating this even more during these lockdowns. 

Lister Park, Bradford
Sarah Jones

This photo was taken in Lister Park. I have driven past so many times, but decided to explore once we were able to after lockdown. Having been made redundant due to Covid I find the beauty of the open space in the park is good for my mental health and sanity. I didn’t realise how beautiful the park is having only really been there see the crocuses before.

Westfield Lane, Wyke
Matthew Crowther

I love how pretty everything looks in the snow and how time stands still.

Undercliffe Cemetry, Undercliffe
Anna Dyson-Clarke

Undercliffe Cemetery is an urban oasis of calm and tranquility. On a windblown hill, overlooking the valley that is Bradford, the cemetery offers a glimpse of our industrial past and invites us to appreciate nature amidst impressive carved stone monuments. It was a pleasure to rediscover the cemetery during lockdown walks. Thank you to the volunteers who do a brilliant job with the upkeep. 

Hirst Wood, Leeds Liverpool Canal
Faye Kenny-Broom

I love any stretch of the Leeds Liverpool canal, but Hirst Wood is probably my favourite. The area around Hirst Lock and the nature reserve is lovely and its a bustling little hotspot on a weekend. Beautiful in any weather, but particularly in autumn when the majestic woodland is filled with misty golds and browns. An absolute sanctuary.

Moorhead, Shipley
John Dewhirst

The photo was shot on a very cold cloudless night (12th Jan) in which the stars were particularly visible. It was taken from Northcliffe Park close to where I live, a place that has been a haven of sanity during lockdown. We visit most days with our dogs but this was the first time after dark. I had never previously photographed the night sky so I was pleased with the outcome and despite being incredibly cold it was a very peaceful and inspiring moment to look above.

Harold Park, Low Moor
Gemma Hawtin

This is Harold Park where I often go for a dog walk with my springer Willow. We managed to visit in the snow which is even more magical. This place great for mental health and well being as I work in the NHS so the outdoors and staying fit and heathy is important to me.

Eldwick, Bingley 
Stephen Thorp

I’m staying home to stay safe, but I can see Baildon Moors from my garden and there’s always a Yorkshire Sky to cheer me up.

City Centre, Bradford
Jason Feather

Lockdown has been hard but I still find time to enjoy the small things like the abstract reflections created by Bradford’s wonderful architecture reflected in the puddles on our lovely Yorkshire sandstone 🙂

Brackenhill Park, Great Horton
Kristine Slisane

Brackenhill Park, not far from where we live. This is our nearest park, green spot (sometimes white if we’re lucky!) and playground where we often go with my little daughter. This picture was taken in January 2021.

Shipley Glen, Shipley
Lee Edwards 

A special place, local beauty on my doorstep where I lose myself and listen to the birds and be at one with nature, especially during these challenging times. 

Raw Nook Nature Reserve, Low Moor
Steven Spencer

The area used to be an industrial area in the past, but now, thanks to voluntary groups, nature as once again reclaimed the land creating a beautiful oasis of green where wildlife and flora have once again found a habitat. My Beagle and I live to explore this amazing and valuable environment, which as been an important resource during lockdown where adults and children alike have rediscovered nature on their doorstep.Attachments area

Cow & Calf Rocks, Ilkley
Chris Patton

Haworth Moor, Haworth
Faye Kenny-Broom

This is one of my favourite places to walk the dogs. You can also walk to the main street in Haworth from here which means (in normal times) a drink at the end, whether it’s a hot chocolate or a pint in The Fleece. Haworth is definitely one of the jewels in the crown of Bradford – it has so much character and I love the literary history of the place. I know its a cliche as it’s so over-photographed, but I think thats because of its charm and timeless look and feel. The first photos I took here were a long time ago for A Level art and its reassuring that the landscape has changed very little since then.

Kid’s eye view

We’re looking for a child’s eye view for our Lockdown Discoveries photo gallery 📸 We’d love to see kids pictures of lockdown: maybe the view from your window, your new “classroom” at home or any of your favourite walks and local parks.

Ethan, Fagley
Amy Muscroft

This is Ethan from Fagley. He’s 7 years old. Lockdown has been really hard for him but he’s pushed and pushed himself. This picture was taken in our front room during the CBBC Marcus Rashford PE lesson. He’s a big Man United fan and loves Marcus Rashford. He hopes one day he will play football just like his hero.

Grange Park, Burley-in-Wharfedale
Jim Coulson

The photo was taken in Grange Park, Burley in Wharfedale, where we enjoyed a good splash in the puddles! 

Baildon Moor, Baildon

This is my son Bilaal on Baildon Moor. I think he was trying to capture the frost on the grass with the sunset in the back.

Photographer Tips

Top 5 Tips For Photographing Dogs By Faye Kenny-Broom

Lockdown has been hard for lots of reasons but being able to get active outdoors with so many beautiful places on the doorstep is a godsend. You really don’t have to look very far to get out into nature – and it’s all the better with a furry friend at your side.

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Remember to follow rules and restrictions during Coronavirus. Please wash your hands regularly, wear a face covering when required, and maintain a safe distance from others.

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