LiT : A winter programme of light

Due to the current Lockdown and following government guidelines some of the LiT projects are being postponed to Autumn 2021.

Incredible light art and installations to take place across Bradford & District this Winter.

Winter is drawing closer, darker evenings are upon us and 2020 has been a challenging time for many people across the district. We are in complex times with many restrictions in place but this does not mean we can’t have moments of surprise, joy and pride in Bradford. 

LIT is a programme of light and surprise throughout the Bradford district featuring anywhere from front gardens, shopping centre’s to the roof of an empty mill

Bradford City Council is working with Bradford BID , Ilkley BID, Keighley BID, Bradford 2025, Bradford Producing Hub, Shipley and Bingley Town Councils and The Leap to fund and support the creation of seven incredible light art and installations and smaller arts and community installations to take place across the District this Winter.

*Please note: Project dates are subject to change, keep checking for new projects and artist updates.

Trees of Hope | The Sutton Centre | 15 December

6 trees wrapped in lights to create a corridor of light and hope with artworks. 15th December until 31st January.

Stronger Communities Together | Greengates Memorial

Artistic lighting installation to showcase the angel atop the Greengates memorial with an alternating red white and blue light to emphasise to residents and many travellers who pass the cenotaph daily. Lit Daily 4pm – Midnight, 23rd December until March 2021.

Winter Wonder-ing By Touchstone Bradford | February 4pm – 10pm

Community Stained Glass Window Displays. With the darker nights and colder weather, it’s the ideal time to raise spirits and light up our community. Touchstone are bringing a splash of colour to Easby Road through a light art installation which passers-by’s and locals can view from outside.

Attaining Light By Biasan | February/March 2021

3ft by 3ft light installation based on faith, community and connection. Incorporating messages of hope, inspiration, empowerment, solidarity, faith, and more collected from and by the community into a handmade Lotus.

You Are My Light By Shine West Bowling | St. Stephens Church Grounds – off Manchester Road

Projection of local smiles and thank you’s. March 2021

Asma ul Husna / 99 Names of God By Muslim Womens Council – March/October 2021

The Asma ul Husna project is an ambitious new light installation bespoke to Bradford for the 2020/21 LIT programme. Three light installations of three names combining Arabic calligraphy, neon lighting and inventive designed. In Islam, God is believed to have 99 names -Ar-Rahman (The Compassionate), Al-Jaleel (the Majestic), Al-Wadud (the Most Loving), Al-Muhyi (the Giver of Life) are just a few examples of the 99 Names. Asma ul Husna is a core part of Islamic heritage, passed on by grandparents to parents, parents to children, uncles to nieces and Brothers to sisters, sharing the beautiful names and their unique qualities.

In Memory of Water: Refractions By Ilkley Literature Festival – March/October 2021

Collaboration between UK Poet Laureate Simon Armitage and Ilkley Literature Festival, and, working with projection mapping specialists Double Take Productions, release the poems that form ‘In Memory of Water’ from their permanent stone settings and transform them – temporarily – into yet another medium: Light. There are six existing poems in the collection, each exploring a different form of water: ‘Snow’, ‘Rain’, ‘Dew’, ‘Mist’, ‘Beck’ and ‘Puddle’. Using projection mapping technology, we will project seven poems (including a new Simon Armitage poem) on to seven locations in and around Ilkley over seven nights.