Ways to Enjoy Spring Bank Holiday Weekend

Make the most of the Spring Bank Holiday weekend with VisitBradford.  Here’s our ultimate guide, there are plenty of ways to fill your time.


Need some fine art in your life, look no further than the Saltaire Arts Trail online, where you can see and buy work by emerging and established artists.  There will be a Virtual Makers Fair, in partnership with ShopAppyUK, 23 May – 7 June.


Bradford Museums brings you a selection of digital culture you can enjoy from the comfort of your settee. In addition artwork from the Bradford Museums and Galleries collection is view able on the Art UK website.


Stay Alert it’s quiz time with Cactus Crew on ZoomIf you’re looking for a quiz that’s guaranteed to be family friendly and get everyone in the call involved, look no further. Don’t forget to share your score on social media and challenge your friends to try the quizzes! (Bank Holiday Monday 25 May, Teen Quiz)


Your travel plans may be on hold for now, but inspiration is only a few crayons away.  Get out your markers or pencils and discover the calming pleasure of colouring in with VisitBradford.  Taking you from beautiful and flamboyant Alhambra Theatre to the neoclassical style of Little Germany.  When you can’t visit your favourite places, the next best thing is colouring them in!


Listen to Jane Eyre on BBC Sounds, Charlotte Bronte’s intimate and disquieting coming of age classic about secrets and lies. Read by Katherine Press. Produced by Anne Bunting.


Cooking is something to focus on, cook a curry from scratch. These simple dishes are authentic and delicious and have been handpicked by the VisitBradford Team to cook at home.


Turn your lockdown into a party on Saturday 23 May with The Live Room, Saltaire Online.  Buy tickets and support ‘Nels Andrew’ from the USA.  Stream intro: 7.50pm, shows starts: 8pm.  Folk Radio UK says: “(Nels) combines deft storytelling with a warmth of tone and gentleness of pace .. awash with layers, metaphors and echoes woven into subtle, contemplative contemporary song. Like finding a seashell at the back of a dusty cupboard, putting it to your ear and hearing the ocean.”


Taking up a new hobby or learning something new can be rewarding, find inspiration with the South Square Centre Thornton, and become more mindful in everyday life.  Focus on ‘Mindful May’, ways to boost your emotional well-being.  


Be snap happy during English Tourism Week 25 – 31 May 2020, share your images of favourite places to visit around Bradford district. If you’re not sure where to start, seek inspiration at visitbradford.com Tag us on social media #EnglishTourismWeek20  #VisitBradfordLater


100 years of Bradford film at your fingertips. Bradford Film Heritage showcases the  district’s contribution to film and television since the dawn of the moving image in the late 1800s.  Visit locations from your favourite film and TV moments online.


Walking and cycling are a great way to see all that nature has to offer in the spring.  You’re never far from a park in Bradford, from formal Victorian parks to wild moorlands.  Find a place you can go for a long walk, somewhere you can cycle. Go out for a walk, but stay two metres apart from others.  Check guidance for social distancing*


If you find yourself longing for a bit of a chat with some new faces, get yourself signed up to BD Tea Break.  A friendly video chat tea break twice a day (Chats are at 11am and 3pm.) where people around Bradford can meet each other.
What are your favorite ways to enjoy the season?  Make sure to check out our main guide for ‘days in’ to keep yourself occupied at home, too. We look forward to welcoming you back when the time is right. More Virtual Bradford #VisitBradfordLater ♥