Tales from the Belle Vue Studio


Waleria and her daughters

Waleria with daughters Maria (on her mother’s right) and Anna.

Maria contacted us in November 2019. She remembered, “It was pretty much a standard studio room of that period with a backdrop, the camera on a tripod and lamps used in conjunction with lighting.

As I recall, we went a few times over the year as we grew up. Money did not often allow such luxury. The photos were mostly for the purpose of our parents posting them to their families back home in Ukraine to let them see how we were.

I expect my parents heard of the studio through the Ukrainian community in Bradford. It was also reasonably local for us as well, as we lived in Lumb Lane initially which was in walking distance and around the time of this photo we were probably in our new home further up by Lister’s Mill towards the Bradford Royal Infirmary. “