Educating Bradford

Educating Bradford

“The classroom of today is not the classroom of yesterday.”

Margaret McMillan

Educating Bradford is a virtual display from Bradford Museums and Galleries. The words are by curator Lauren Padgett and the photographs come from Bradford Museums Photo Archive. While the real exhibition is mainly made up of Bradford and education related objects, we hope this selection of images will give you a flavour of its contents and themes.

Once our sites are open again, Educating Bradford will be on display until November.

Educating Bradford:

  • celebrates education in Bradford over the centuries, particularly from 1870 to the present day;
  • shows how modern education policies and teaching methods are still influenced by 19th and 20th century educational and child healthcare reforms;
  • charts the development of adult learning that recognised that an educated workforce helped
  • support the development of Bradford as an international powerhouse.

This exhibition is inspired by the landmark book Education in Bradford 1870-1970 which provided a detailed description and celebration of learning in the city. 2020 marks the fiftieth anniversary of its publication.