Join the Nation’s Favourite Living Composer as Bradford Cathedral launches second annual SINGING DAY after last year’s sold-out celebration

Bradford Cathedral is inviting people with music experience and none to its second annual singing day, this year with Professor Paul Mealor leading the event after last year’s sell-out event with John Rutter.

Professor Paul Mealor is the composer of the UK Christmas number one with his piece for The Military Wives Choir and Gareth Malone, ‘Wherever You Are’ and in 2012 he was voted the nation’s favourite living composer during the UK Classic FM Hall of Fame.

Professor Paul Mealor: “What I’m planning to do is offer a selection of pieces that I’ve written, some sacred, some secular, and we will spend some time learning about the music, the work behind it, but also having fun!

Fun is very important: singing is about enjoyment. It’s not going to be a
stressed-out affair. It will be fun, enjoyable and a laugh, but along the way those taking part will be learning about the musical pieces.

The Singing Day is open to everyone, whether you regularly sing or have never done it before, and everyone involved will take a lot away from the event.

Each person will have a certain set of criteria of what they’re after. I think if you’re going there as a singer, what you’ll get out of it is the composer’s take on the music which you can’t get from anybody else. You’ll get the ideas I had about writing these pieces: how they were constructed and how, as a singer, you can change the way you sing to bring the best out of the music.

For people who aren’t singers you get a chance to work with a living composer, who has actually written this music, which is actually quite special, as if you go to sing the repertoire of Bach or Mozart, of course they aren’t there! For some people they want to hear what the composer’s say, from the horse’s mouth.

It’s a special thing, and gives a different slant to how the music will be
sung and performed.”

The Bradford Cathedral singing day with Professor Paul Mealor takes place on Saturday 14th March from 10am – 6pm. Tickets are just £15+bf with an optional lunch available for £3+bf.

Tickets can be booked online at or by calling Bradford Cathedral on 01274 77 77 20.