A Celebration of the Textile History of Bradford: A City ALIVE WITH CHANGE

Bradford Cathedral launches its latest exhibition this month called ‘Alive with Change’, which celebrates the city and its textile heritage and history.

This exhibition has been created by artist collective Common Threads who met whilst studying textiles in Bradford and who came to know its buildings, culture and history.

The exhibition looks at this textile city through its own medium, reflecting growth and change, wealth and poverty, exclusion and diversity.

There are twenty-four works in the exhibition, alongside some developmental pieces that you can get up close and personal with to discover how the individual pieces came into being. Works being exhibited include Margot Bromley’s The Acceptance of Fault through the Passage of Time; Nicola Rudd’s trio of Maudelayne pieces; The Threads That Bind Us by Fiona Catanach; Lin Carter’s …not a blanket woven from one thread, one colour, one cloth; and Women’s Work by Sue Christian.

The Maudelayne scarves which appear as part of this exhibition.

Nicola Rudd, of Common Threads, about how the exhibition came about:
“It came from a quote in a book called ‘Bradford Through Time’ by Mark Davis, a book of old photographs. The quote is in there, alongside a photo of the cathedral, and it ends with ‘Today the cathedral represents a space of calming retreat in a city alive with change’.

“This quote really captured our imagination. None of us come from Bradford. We live all over the country but we are all very fond of it and grew to love it as a city, due to our shared experiences. I view it, still, as a vibrant city, even though people outside of the area think it’s quite run down or depressed, but that’s not Bradford at all.

“We found that there were [so many] different elements that fed into Bradford’s textile legacy and heritage, and we discussed what we’d use as our starting point. Personally, I tend to be rather literal and looked at the fabric of the [cathedral] building itself. All my pieces of work in the exhibition have been inspired by the stained glass windows, or the fabulous Saxon cross. That’s been a motif that I’ve used in a number of different pieces, some of which will be on display.”

The exhibition ‘Alive with Change’ by Common Threads launches on Wednesday 23rd October at Bradford Cathedral and runs until Wednesday 27th November. You can meet the artists to find out more on Wednesday 23rd October from 6:30pm. This event is free and you can turn up on the door, or pre-book your space at common-threads.eventbrite.co.uk

You can read more about the exhibition on the Bradford Cathedral blog at bradfordcathedral.wordpress.com/blog