Hirokazu Kore-eda Retrospective at the National Science & Media Museum

Still Walking

Following the massive success of his latest masterpiece, Shoplifters, Discover Tuesdays presents a season of Hirokazu Kore-eda’s classic films.

Tuesday 7 May, 20.30
Kore-eda’s quietly devastating feature debut is one of the finest films of Japanese cinema. A young woman is deeply troubled by the fear that she brings death to those nearest and dearest to her. But with time and the wonders of nature around her, she awakens to find love, understanding and a sense of peace. Working with almost entirely natural lighting, Kore-eda’s remarkable and elegant camerawork makes this one of the most striking visual works committed to film.

Tuesday 14 May, 20.30
After Life
AFTER LIFE is a sublime fantasy film which requires no leap of faith or suspension of disbelief. It’s set in the world of the recently dead, where each person who passes through is asked to select a single memory from their life which they wish to take with them. A celestial film crew then takes that memory and makes it into a movie, allowing the person to hold on to the moment for all eternity.

Kore-eda’s background as an award-winning documentarist imbues the film with a strong sense of realism, and AFTER LIFE emerges as a funny and deeply affecting celebration of life.

Tuesday 21 May, 20.45
Nobody Knows
Inspired by an infamous true story that made headlines in Japan in 1988, this tough yet tender film follows the lives of four children left to fend for themselves by their wayward mother. Having smuggled her family into a new apartment under the landlord’s nose, mum Keiko puts her 12-yearold son Akira in charge of the youngsters and – after a brief period of relative family harmony – disappears. Akira manages his younger siblings as best he can, but limited means and the cramped confines of the apartment force this unorthodox family unit to re-shape their narrow existence to suit their physical and emotional needs.

Tuesday 28 May, 20.30
Still Walking
A typically graceful turn from Kore-eda, STILL WALKING weaves together with great subtlety an intricate and nuanced family drama. Taking place over one summer’s day, the film follows a Yokohama family as they reunite to celebrate the life of the eldest son, whose tragic death 15 years ago left a painful mark not yet healed. It’s during this poignant remembrance, however, that the gaps and tensions between family members become achingly apparent.

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