Titus Salt’s Great Grandson to Show Unique Heirlooms at Heritage Open Days

Nick Salt, great great grandson of Sir Titus and great-grandson of Titus Jr and Catherine Salt, will be at Milner Field Farm in Gilstead on 8 and 9 September.  He’ll be one of the guides at the Heritage Open Days organised by Saltaire History Club.

Nick, who lives in Wales, plans to bring with him and to display, precious family heirlooms – Titus Jr’s handtools and items that he made.

Titus Jr was the Salt who, in 1869, built the sumptuous Milner Field mansion in Gilstead.

Now a ruin, so prestigious was it that the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) visited in 1882.

Nick tells us that Titus Jr was always interested in practical skills as well as being closely involved in the running of Saltaire’s mill and village.  He was a skilled woodworker and turner.  Milner Field mansion included a private workshop or ‘Turning Room’ attached to the Billiard Room.

Nick still has many elegant woodworking tools (some of them made using exotic hardwoods and brass and stamped ‘T. Salt Jnr.’) together with Titus Jr’s mahogany workbench, complete with a vice and green felt-lined drawers. Some tools were manufactured by identifiable Bradford makers.

Nick also has some of the items Titus Jr created, including the inscribed ivory mason’s mallet used by Jr’s very young son Gordon – Nick’s grandfather – to lay the foundation stone of Milner Field in 1869. Along with other objects, it will be on display at the Open Days.

Chair of the Saltaire History Club, Colin Coates, observes that “This unique object directly links those coming to our Milner Field event to the construction of the now-lost mansion and to the legendary Salt family”.

Tickets for the event are free and can be obtained from Eventbrite where full details of the event can be found.

For further information, contact the event organiser Les Brook at 01274 590537 or Email

This event is part of the Saltaire Festival and Heritage Open Days.

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